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Enjoying the journey. Together.

November 2015 Coloring Contest

Coloring Contest!
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July 2015 Learn Piano Live Favorite Song Contest

Your Favorite Song Contest - Enter today!

June 2015 Learn Piano Live Poll

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May Learn Piano Live Swag Contest

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Learn Piano Live Word Search Contest

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Story Behind Penguin In A Floaty

The story behind "Penguin In A Floaty" (featuring Bradley Paul Clark) and the creation of Kids Learn Piano Live: Who is that Penguin In A Floaty and where did he come from?


Penguin In A Floaty Coloring Contest

Coloring Contest!
Everybody wins - enter today!

Learn Piano Live Swag Contest

Swag Contest!
Everybody wins - enter today!

About Jamin, Non-Linear Music, and the Future of Music Education

The world of education is about to be turned upside-down with the popularity of affordable moocs and music educators like Mike Johnston and Jamin Coller are embracing the change and leading the way for students around the world to have a private instuctor for a fraction of what it used to cost.


So you wanna win the prizes?!? Well, the prizes are raffled each week. Check your points here. The winner is chosen at random, but you can increase your chances of winning by earning more raffle points. Here's how you can earn more:

5000: Refer A Friend

When your friend signs up, they just have to put your username in the space that says "How did you hear about us?" As soon as they complete registration, you'll have an extra two grand in your account!

3000: Klopol Academy Level Up

When you complete any level at Klopol Academy, you automatically earn an extra 3000 points!

750: Mailbag

Go to the "Contact" page and send us your questions, your artwork, pictures, suggestions for featured videos and websites, or anything else you can think of. If your mail is chosen as the more interesting or the most useful, we'll feature it and you'll will 100 points!

750: YouTube Views

When one of your video submissions on YouTube hits 1000 views, send us a link and we'll give you your raffle points

500: Attend A Concert

Just send us a pic of you at a classical or jazz concert and let us know when and where it was.

500 (and up): Survey

At the end of any lesson (even in the archives) you can fill out the survey and pick up bonus raffle points based on your feedback

400: Monthly Contest

Visit LearnPianoLive.com/Contest any time to see how you can win this month's contest

300: Chatroom Winner

Each week during the live lesson we try to find someone in the chat room who is extra helpful, supportive to the other students, and focused on working on the song. That person will be announced at the end and will have earned 300 points!

300 Practice Form

At the back of your lesson PDF you'll get a practice chart. Fill it out, have a parent sign off, and send us the pic for an easy bunch of points

200: Video Submissions

Once you've practiced up a song and it sound impressive, record yourself playing it and send it in using the "Student Videos" tab on the menu. The only catch is that you HAVE to say in your video that it is for KidsLearnPianoLive.com or else we're not allowed to use the video and you won't get your points :( Thanks a lot, meany-head lawyers

150: Daily Challenge

Each day a new practice-along video and new secret code can be found by clicking on "Music Challenge". Follow the directions to practice the challenge and the song, but keep the volume up on your computer so you can hear each letter or number in the secret code when it is revealed. After the video is done, type in the entire code and click the "submit" button on the page. You'll earn 150 points for every day you submit the correct code!

50 (and up): Chat Participation

Even if you're not the chat winner, you can still earn points by contributing helpful comments during any live lesson.


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