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Upcoming Downloads:

*Non-Linear Piano [light] - The condensed version of the book that started it all!

*Beginning guitar book and worksheet packet - Since many of you are coming from, or moving to guitar, we thought we'd give you the best worksheets that will help bridge your skills from each instrument.

*Sight reading flash cards - A great way to begin your journey of being able to read a piece of music immediately after looking at it.

*Song writing worksheet - You can write a song - a good one! You just need the right safeguards and rules to follow.  If you can click a mouse or roll some dice, you can write a great pop song.  This worksheet will show you how.

*How To Teach Piano book - This collection of worksheets, articles and research is the manual for all teachers with a Milestones Music franchise.  Best practices, procedures, and a 4-hour-work-week-esque look at the balance between efficiency and effectiveness.

*Note value flash cards - Rhythms are always more imporant than just mere pitch, so this set of flash cards is a necessary companion to the sight reading flash cards.

*Printable Circle of Fifths - A useful guide to the music world's version of the table of elements. 

*Interval flash cards - Can be added to the sight reading flash cards for an even more complete sheet music reading challenge

*One free step-by-step tutorial - Your pick of any song we've ever done.

*Feature of the day flash cards - A collection of everyone's favorite parts of the weekly live lessons.

*Printable staff paper and blank level 1 - Kids will love the chance to write their own songs just like in our broadcasts, and adults can use the staff paper to chart any of their current excercises.

*Key signature flash cards - These cards will teach you how to immediately recognize any of the 24 keys or 84 modes within moments of glancing at a piece of sheet music.

*Rhythm flash cards - Combine these with your sight reading flash cards for a complete excercise in real-world music performance.

*How to Create a Killer YouTube Channel booklet and worksheet - Many of you are already doing a great job of getting your music out there.  This is a collection of the greatest things I've learned about online presence, through my successes and failures.

*Send us your requests too...