Testimonials from Students and Parents

"I really like how Mr. Coller provides multiple levels of each song."

"Engaging lessons. The kids were excited by the songs and loved learning. They improved much faster than I thought they would."

"My son took Guitar #1 & #2 and enjoyed them very much."

"My son who has never taken piano before was able to learn piano basics. He was also able to play the songs. This gave him a sense of pride and pushed him to continue to learn more."

"Teacher was a lot of fun, made my daughter feel at ease and very welcome to the class! Lots of positive energy, very professional, and easy for her to follow as a beginner."

"The lessons are organized with multiple levels so your learner, beginner or advanced, has something to gain from it. My son came into this class with no prior experience, was able to pickup what was being taught and play all the songs. Thanks for making this a positive learning experience for him!"

"My 11 year old loved this class. He is looking forward to taking more with this teacher. He is well organized. We especially appreciated the fun trivia games that my entire family played while waiting for the class to start!"

"Great course! Taught with patience and encouraging kindness! My Hillary is so interested in learning how to play! We will definitely continue with an additional course!"

"This teacher is amazing!! He is SO good with the kids. My son loved this class."

"I really enjoyed this class. Jamin the class teacher covered more than what was supposed to be taught. This class was very well composed of different interactive camera angles, and he has a digital blackboard that shows how to play all the different chords. Here I am now and I have learned all I wanted to plus some. Thank you, Jamin for all that you taught me and I cant wait to take more classes from you in the future. This class overall deserves 5 or more stars."

"Class was fun and the right length and level of demanding."

"Experienced, attentive teacher. He managed the large class well and still appeared to give individual attention in a good way."

"He was a fun teacher I liked him!"

"The teacher had lots of different music to listen to. I liked the cantina band from Star Wars the best! This class is good for anyone who has trouble keeping the beat to songs and playing along with songs."

"Teacher was fantastic. One of the best we’ve had. Very patient and encouraging. My shy daughter really enjoyed it!"

"My son felt the teacher was really nice and states he learned a lot!"

"My ten-year-old daughter enjoyed this class. She loves Star Wars and was excited to learn songs that she was familiar with."

"This class is a fantastic way to get started with learning to play. Both my 6yr old and 9yr old are taking the class and they love it!"

"He makes learnings the piano fun and use things that kids like. The last four weeks I learned three Mario songs. That is how good he is!"

"Great class. My son has zero experience playing the piano or other instruments and he was able to play all the songs in this class by the end of the class session. The lessons are broken down enough that even an unexperienced person can learn the songs. My son loved the class and is looking forward to taking more classes from him."

"This class has been great for my son. [Jamin] is so patient with the kids' questions and comments, while also keeping the class moving along. This has been a great experience."

"He was the first teacher who understood...I just wanted to enjoy my keyboard. The lessons are enjoyable and enlightening."

"Jamin is a highly skilled professional. He is consistent with his teaching styles but can adapt to meet all of his students needs. I would highly recommend Mr. Coller to teach anyone. It would make a great gift."

"I like it enough to continue paying for it, so yeah, I'd recommend it!  It's definitely worth it."

"As someone in my 30's who decided to learn on a whim I was not sure what to expect or how long it would take me to learn. My first lesson I was impressed with Jamin's teaching style. He got me started right away so I felt like I was making progress after just the first class. Now, after my forth lesson I can really start to see progress. Jamin is able to break down lessons in a way that is easy to understand and he caters the sessions to your goals."

"Jamin's insights into teaching, and the way he presents things (even to old farts like me) are truly great. I am convinced he could teach any adult, if only they had a true desire to learn to play."

"I had a lot of fun performing in the recital."

"I've had a few experiences with other studies/teachers, and Jamin at Milestones blues them all out of the water. He has developed his own method that works and is fun. My kiddo loves lessons and has a new appreciation of music. I'm so glad we found Learn Piano Live."

"Jamin is a very engaging and very understanding young man. He is not only a talented musician, but also a great teacher. He has listened to everything I wanted from the classes and everything I like and struggle with and every time we meet he has something new to teach me and finds a way to customize it to my needs. I love my piano classes!"

"Our son has been taking lessons for 3 1/2 years and I love to hear him play!  Jamin is excellent, adapting to the needs of the individual student and they way the learn.  He understands the student, their needs, and encourages them to the best of their ability."

"I used to take in-person lessons, but I don't need them anymore because this is WAY better"

"I always have so much fun at the lesson.  Piano is one of my favorite things to do now!"

"Jamin has a really well-rounded approach."

"When I have any questions about reading music or playing, he answers it in a way that I completely understand it."

"I love my lessons!  I look forward to my lesson each week.  Thank you, LearnPianoLive!"

"An excellent teacher who understands everything I've thrown at him!"

"...not only a great musician, but a really good teacher!"

"My kids are playing beautiful music and are so excited for each new lesson!"

"I showed a lesson to my 6 year old and he LOVED it and  learned a whole song on the first day!"

"Jamin is a great instructor. He is a talented musician, very encouraging, kind, and his positive feedback is much appreciated. :)"

"Jamin is an amazing teacher! My daughters look forward to lessons and showing him what they have worked on."

"You can do it from home."

"We love that no matter what skill level, you get to choose your own songs!"

"Our experience has been amazing. There are so many positive aspects to taking lessons with Jamin. He allows students to choose the material they want to play which makes learning fun and enjoyable. He is always helpful and positive. My daughter can’t wait for the lessons. She calls him, “A super cool guy.” ?? Jamin will do everything he can to make the student’s song choice work for them and the technology he uses is incredible...

"So much fun! I love the lessons!"

"I really liked participating in the recital"

"Thanks for the great lessons!  I've really enjoyed them"

"I like learning lots of different stuff!"

"Mah Nà Mah Nà!"


"I've learned a lot of theory here. I understand music a lot better now."

"I always have a good time with the Learn Piano Live lessons!"

"Most of it is really pretty cool.  I really do enjoy it."

"I get to learn all my favorite songs and I can usually learn them pretty fast because of the play-along tracks I get."

"I love Star Wars and I love playing the songs on the piano!"

"This isn't too bad.  I've learned a lot even though I normally don't have time for lessons."

"Mr. Jamin is the best teacher ever!  I love all the lessons!"

"Now I know I really like piano and I'm having fun with my songs."

"I don't really like my normal piano lessons that much, but this was okay.  I learned a lot of songs and my mom is very proud of me."

"Video game music is the best and you have taught me a lot so far! Thank you!"

"Super chill.  Yeah.  Good stuff."

"Great lessons.  Klopol Academy is hard, but teaches me a lot that I wouldn't know otherwise."

"Music is so much more fun when you know the right way to do it.  I learned those things here."

"Jamin is a crazy guy.  I like to joke around with him and talk to the other students."

"Parks and Rec theme was my favorite, but I also like Game of Thrones theme and the other songs I get to pick out."

"I took some lessons that did not help me at all. I was beginning to think that I have no talent and would never get better. Then I started taking lessons from Jamin and in 6 months I have improved tremendously. I even performed in a large function at work recently with people coming up afterwards trying to book me for future performances."

"Jamin really helps me understand how all the parts of the music fit together."

"This pulled a lot of things together for me!"

"When I started I wanted to play Billy Joel songs and I didn't even have to wait. I learned Uptown Girl pretty fast."

"This is one of the most fundamental programs I have ever seen. Beautiful and clear explanation and there is a lot of work for effective presentation!"

"It's really easy to get started and he teaches at a level I can understand, while still expanding my musical skills and vocabulary."

"The lessons are really fun and I like it a lot!  The penguin is funny too."

"OMG - I was trying to figure out why I wanted to quit piano. I am an older student. Jamin answered my question(s) Thank You Thank You Thank You"

"Great videos!"

"Epic. Jamin had me from the start --- I was on the verge of collapse until Jamin's wonderful sense of humour, musicianship & cool way of teaching,. I'm up off the floor now & ready to learn. I've watched many [others] Learn Piano Live is the best!!!

"I was just going to subscribe to another program until I saw Jamin's videos. He is so thorough in his explanation on how to play. Thanks!"

"Well explained and great ideas. This is the perfect level for me. I learn something and get inspired to find some other things."

"Absolutely amazing! :) I am blown away! I gotta say this is fantastic!"

"You have no idea how valuable this is. Jamin has explained some very crucial aspects about chord progressions that most teachers out there struggle to explain, yet he demonstrated it with such ease. Wow!"

"Very good class. Thank you"

"I suggest live lessons with the instructor for beginners."

"This class was very fun! The teacher uses lots of different songs to teach the kiddos how to listen for beats. He takes time to listen to what students have to say and converse’s well with them."

"Jamin was great! Very good communication, organized, and super helpful!! Thank you so much!"

"Very straightforward lessons!"

"Awesome teacher! Great class!"

"Amazing teacher, awesome class! My daughter looks forward to more classes with Jamin! She learned so much."

"My son loved this course."

"Impressed with Jamin teaching with the students. I learned some of the basics and am motivated to continue. Thanks for this opportunity and seeing the kidlets “shine” in their musical skills."

"My son was very much a beginner when we started this class last month, and now he can play 4 songs! After the intro week, Jamin chose songs that the students really liked, from video game soundtrack, to a pop song. Also Jamin was very responsive to my email when I asked for copy of sheet music."

"My 7.5 year old loved this class and is asking to take the next one. He was very engaged during classes and inspired to do magic :)"

"This is a superb class! My son (age 8) was interested in drums so we gave this a try. The instructor does a great job keeping the kids (of all skill levels) engaged and makes excellent use of the 25 minute class. I find my son listening and following the beat to every song he hears now. He has been telling his friends all about class and the skills as well."

"My child picked up some great starters that we can work on for awhile. Great teacher who was able to make it fun for kids."

"It's fun! and I enjoyed it."

"My son loved the class and the teacher. I loved the flexibility of the schedule and we were able to work through the songs at our own pace."

"The teacher brings great energy to classes and is responsive to individual outreach. My daughter has learned so much from this class. The teacher is very engaging, accessible for assistance outside the class time, and inspires my daughter with the music selections such as the Star Wars and Jurassic Park themes. I highly recommend this class."

"Mr. Coller is super passionate in teaching music to kids and he has an unique talent to connect with the students. His lessons are super fun and engaging. My kid really enjoys his class and likes his teaching style."

"He makes learnings the piano fun and use things that kids like. The last four weeks I learned three Mario songs. That is how good he is!"

"My grandson Emmett, 8 yo loves his class. Jamin does a beautiful job of engaging all the students and making learning fun!"

"We loved it!"

"Thank you for providing the gift of music to [my] young lady's life. You are awesome!!! Keep doing what you love and teaching the world beautiful music"

"My sons love it each week. Jamin inspires them to keep practicing and to get better."

"He has a lot of cool ways to explain things for piano. After every time I go for a lesson, I'm super happy and can't wait for the next lesson. I would recommend Learn Piano Live to anyone wanting to learn piano!"

"Just a great teacher. Easy to understand. Wow!"

"I would recommend Jamin as a young, enthusiastic musician who gives energy to his students and keeps them engaged."

"Piano lessons are fun with Jamin, not a chore! :)"

"This is exactly what we have been looking for!  Lessons are in my home, and we have a caring teacher!"

"I've had a lot of fun learning from Jamin and I don't plan to quit any time soon!"

"Jamin's great - he's just great. You've got to check this out. He can really help you learn and be inspired!"

"My daughter takes piano lessons with Jamin and our experience has been amazing. There are so many positive aspects to taking lessons with Jamin. He allows students to choose the material they want to play which makes learning fun and enjoyable. He is always helpful and positive. My daughter can't wait for the lesson each week. She calls him, "A super cool guy."  Jamin will do everything he can to make the student's song choice work for them and the technology he uses is incredible. I can't say enough about how positive my daughter's piano lessons have been. I would whole heartedly recommend Jamin to anyone, any age!."

"I couldn't be happier with progress my oldest son is making in piano! He is inspired and excited about lessons every week."

"I've recommended this to so many of my friends!"

"Jamin is very engaging and a lot of fun to learn from."

"I'm learning how to play all kinds of cool songs!"

"This is way better than the last time I took lessons! My teacher cares about what I care about - even outside the lesson."

"I am looking at my piano in a whole new way. He took all the pieces I already knew and put them together so it all made sense."

"We love to show up early and practice until the lesson starts."

"We've had a simply fabulous experience - lots of fun!"

"I don't know how Jamin does it, but he makes learning the piano easy... and fun!"

"Jamin is an exceptional musician with amazing teaching skills and has a way of bringing out the best in his students."

"This teacher will allow the student to choose what to learn. Great for parents of strong willed kids."

"My son LOVES piano lessons because of the wonderful instructor! Jamin is so patient with my son and has a real enthusiasm for music and teaching!"

"I continue to recommend Jamin to other parents. His teaching style amazes me! He has the gift! I am so pleased with my son's progress. Thanks for making learning music fun for our son! He loves to practce at home, and looks forward to every lesson with enthusiasm! I am so glad we found Learn Piano Live!"

"I can learn almost all my favorite songs and find new ones I didn't even know I would like!"

"I think anyone could learn here!"

"I always wanted to play Fur Elise, and now I can!"

"I learned a lot from the times when we Skyped together"

"I really like playing all the songs from the Wizard of Oz"

"I've been taking lessons for years and love it even more now than ever."

"The stuff I learned on piano even helped me on the guitar, and I learned some of that from Jamin too!"

"I think I'd like to learn guitar next and I think what I've learned on piano will really help out."

"I love it every week!  They are a lot of fun!"

"I keep coming back because I like learning the songs and being able to play them for my family!"

"Fun fun fun!  My mom is really proud of me, and I actually am too, pretty much."

"I like learning the right way and playing songs the way they are in my favorite movies."

"I love everything about my lessons.  I have fun and I know everyone else will too!"

"Baby chicks are the best!  But piano is pretty cool now too."

"At first I just was playing the songs, but now I like to sing along too.  I even did it in my school talent show!"

"Every lesson I learn new things and how to be even better at piano."

"Jamin is really helpful with all my questions and is funny."

"I go to every lesson I can and love to learn everything on the piano and chat in the chatroom and win points and get the weekly gift card raffle"

"Oh my goodness - I even played in front of lots of people because I learned how to play really good."

"I got so good that I was asked to play in my worship band.  Thanks for all the help with the chords and notes and stuff."

"The lessons have taught my daughter so much.  She is having lots of fun and really enjoys music now more than ever.  It's been a great experience that we plan to continue long term.  Thank you!"

"I am looking at my instrument in a whole new way. He took all the pieces I already knew and put them together so it all made sense."

"Kids Learn Piano Live is sincerely dedicated to helping students grow as musicians.  It's awesome to see how excited the kids get about the pieces they are working on. I would absolutely recommend Learn Piano Live to anyone!"

"Learn Piano Live is the best!"

"Dude!!!! Amazing! Just amazing! I just stumbled upon this and it has changed my life. I finally get it!!"


"There are a lot of music theory programs but Learn Piano Live is he most comprehensive and with the most well explained content that shows how to apply concepts as well!"

"This is pure GOLD! I have my list of nightly videos that I watch. I'm a self-taught pianist, so I always love watching these sort of videos!"

"As an intermediate Gospel player (in church), I'm always trying to break to the next level. This helps me add some jazz elements to my talk-music, etc. I really appreciate this!"

"Great stuff. Harmony and reharmonizing is my new challenge for the new year!"

"So different from other instrument class."

"This has been more helpful than anything I've ever seen on YouTube. I guess Jamin's style just really works for me!"

"This was one of the best courses I have come across on the circle of fifths/fourths. Thank you!!"

"The Learn Piano Live crew is amazing. Kudos to fine musicians!"

"I, along with a vast majority of early stage-musicians, have a self degredation when it comes to skill / intelligencem but Jamin is so reassuring!!"

"Yes! After a lot of other programs, Jamin's explanation is the best!"

"Fantastic! Nothing could be quicker and more informative."

"The activities are fun"

"My son had such a great experience learning from Jamin. It was such a great way for him to explore his love for music and video games and he had many questions for the instructor who replied to all of them with kindness and support."

"Interesting, well designed and fun!"

"My 9 year old son used this class for his homeschool music lessons for the last month. He really loved the songs that were included and he was able to play the basic songs after each lesson. I would definitely recommend this class!"

"Great teacher, you can learn at your own pace, suggest songs you would like to learn and he is very patient. My son really enjoys the class."

"My son learned a lot and looked forward to class every week. The teacher was great at responding to questions and was friendly and encouraging. We look forward to more in the future!"

"My kid has been taking piano lessons since he was four.. and I had to drag him to every one of them.... until this class! Jamin is a natural! Gentle, but motivating with such a pure and genuine sense of children and humor. What a refreshment! Thank you Jamin Coller for bringing some joy to piano lessons for my son!"

"Great teacher! My son had fun while he was learning."

"This class was great for my 10 yo. She loved every aspect of it and we will be taking the next class with Jamin!! He's easy to follow and great with the kids."

"My son really enjoyed this class and learned a lot! He’s excited to move forward."

"Seriously fun class that my son loves!"

"Jamin is a wonderful teacher. My son had fun and learned the basics of playing the piano. He can now play several songs and he is eager to keep practicing."

"This class was great! We loved the song selections and the options for varying degrees of difficulty."

"My 11 year old grandson enjoyed this class. Each class started with a peppy song that was made simple for all learners to play right away. Material included the beginner version that anyone could play and other versions for more advanced player. Very well done. The teacher was encouraging."

"Fun class! My daughter really enjoyed it. The instructor was encouraging and patient with the students and gave each one individual time to show what they had learned. Highly recommend!"

"The videos were fun and engaging. The method is good for teaching beginners notes and hand placement and helping to support intermediate players. My 7 year old very quickly has learned how to read music!"

"My daughter really enjoyed this class and the teacher made it so much fun!"

"Jamin is a great teacher who knows how to give excellent customer service. He always makes it right when anything goes wrong-even if it's a technical issue. Thanks for another great class series!"

"Very knowledgeable. Likable and a great teacher! He really makes learning music a fun adventure for the kids. He also has a great upbeat, attitude!"

"Good fundamentals, fun delivery!"

"I wouldn't send my kids anywhere else. Great instruction from a caring teacher."

"I have a 5 year old and a 9 year old learning music with Jamin. I plan to start my three year old as soon as he is ready! They absolutely love learning piano! Jamin's ability to capture their attention is amazing!"

"My child can't wait for his lesson each week! Kids learn songs that they like and enjoy practicing. These music lessons are priceless - they are life lessons. I know my child will always think of Jamin as "the BEST teacher EVER!"."

"This is my third attempt at formal lessons for piano and Jamin has an uncommonly professional setup. Jamin keeps it positive and graciously shares alot or a little of his skillset when the appropriate opportunity presents itself. And he doesn't mind repeating himself, which helps alot too. Highly recommended."

"Jamin is an extremely special teacher. My daughter LOVES her lessons!"

"It's so convenient. I don't have to get out and drive to the studio, plus I get to learn on my own piano."

"Learn Piano live is the best!"

"Yep. He's awesome and he can answer all my questions."

"My kids even love to log on early to catch the inspiring music."

"Parabéns! Você sabe ensinar!eu não entendo o inglês, más consegui entender a sua explicação! obrigada! abraço grande!"

"Thanks for taking our band to the next level!"

"...a really lot of stuff for $20! Yeah - I'd recommend it!"

"I just wrote my first song...and it's good, thanks to LearnPianoLive!"

"It's so convenient! I don't have to get out and drive to the studio, plus I get to learn on my own piano."

"Fantastic! Extremely patient - my daughter loves it!"

"You won't forget what you learn from Jamin!"

"We are using the the words "piano lessons" and "fun" in the same sentence at our house.  My son has taken lessons for a little over a month at this point and can't wait for lesson day."

"I would say that you'll never find a studio that will teach music in a more effective and fun way."

"We love Jamin! He is an enthusiastic, patient, & natural teacher who is always encouraging."

"They have outstanding video streaming quality. Truly professional grade."

"Jamin is the best teacher I have ever had (and I've had a few) as well as the nicest person. I learn a lot from him and enjoy doing so because of his great knowledge, enthusiasm, and ability to communicate with the student."

"Jamin is wonderful with kids of all ages, professional, reliable and can offer classes live or in the archives."

"The teacher and atmosphere make for a fun, effective musical learning experience."

"I am very impressed with Jamin's ability to connect with his students and we love his modern teaching style.  The technology is great - text messaging, video lessons, skype, facebook posts, etc.  I highly recommend Jamin, and I'm so glad we found him."

"We were doing a casual hike on Mt. Tabor and there was a piano at the very top overlooking the cityscape that said "Please Play Me". So my daughter did her song there in front of a crowd of people! It was awesome to see how confident she is to perform in front of people thanks to the lessons she's had. Thanks, Learn Piano Live!"

"I really have a lot of fun!"

"Learning piano is fun here and I'm surprised how much I can do now!"

"Learn Piano Live is the best ever!"

"I asked to play songs from Phineas and Ferb and got to learn almost the whole soundtrack"

"Learning classical music is a lot of fun, but I enjoy the popular songs too!"

"I'm really proud of the videos I've made with the songs I learned"

"The prizes are the best!  I have to practice to earn the points."

"I was a little skeptical and curious about how Jamin's classes would work for me, as I had a different background: I've learned piano for 10 years, as a child/ teenager, and I didn't want to review all the basics in music again... I'm not able to practice as much as I want, but he always praise my improvements and keeps me motivated to continue! He is flexible and seems to love what he does! I highly recommend him if you want to learn music!"

"Thank you for teaching me the songs I like!"

"This is AWESOME!!"

"I like being at the lessons because they are always fun."

"I have learned a lot of jazz here and it's really fun.  I'm going to play in my high school jazz band!"

"Klopol Piano Academy makes a lot of sense and is really helpful."

"I really like the lessons, but I also like talking to the other students too."

"Thanks, Mr. Coller for teaching me a lot of songs that I really like.  I have fun at the lessons every week!"

"Finally I get to play music.  I've wanted to for a long time!"

"Lots of teachers are boring or scary, but this is really fun and I like the songs!"

"Now I can play tons of songs and I like the play-along tracks because they really help me!"

"I have fun at the lessons and like learning piano."

"I love Taylor Swift and I love here songs and I love playing them on the piano now!"

"U won't regret it prolly"

"I like being able to play the piano for myself or in front of my friends. Now I can also play with my sister, who plays guitar. I even performed with her on a stage in front of a lot...a LOT of people."

"My son recently began piano lessons and Jamin has FAR exceeded my expectations.  To sum it up, Jamin is the kind of influence that you WANT in your kids life.  He is so unbelievably likable and skilled. He has a personality that draws you in and makes you never want to leave.  I am only writing one because the world needs to know how amazing this experience has been for us and could be for them too!"

"Jamin is an excellent piano teacher and my two love how he teaches him. We have been going to Jamin for two years and they remain motivated as he helps them pick contemporary songs they are very interested in."

"Jamin is my hero!!! Youve got a Friend in Me with this, lol. Seriously, best explanations anywhere!"


"Great instruction!"

"Loooveee this!!! This is the kind of practical explanations we need on top of theory to solidify stuff!!"

"This is worth a million! Thank you so much, maestro!"

"This is so incredibly enlightening!"

"Jamin is the first person who explains in a way that is NOT showboating, but actually giving examples of what works and what doesn't. It gives me lots of hope that I can in fact learn enough of this stuff!!"

"When ever I see videos on chords they are either way to advanced (what sound to me like [junk]) or too simple like basic chords. This is the first program I've seen on interesting chords that actually sound good."

"Man, everything is perfect here!"

"Learn Piano Live is amazing!"