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Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Saxophone, Flute, Bass, Banjo

Theory, Song writing, Reading music, Playing by ear

All ages.  All levels.  All Styles.


9 Advantages To Our Lessons:

In-person lessons provide a literal personal "touch", but many students find our online lessons preferable for many reasons:


Easier To Understand

On-screen overlays and multiple camera angles makes it easier to see than peering over a teacher's shoulders in-person!

More Efficient Lesson Use

You and your teacher don't have to switch positions or share the same piano!

Video Replay

...of all lessons for review during the week!

Learn On Your Own Instrument

Learn the features of your particular keyboard, and never have to tell your teacher, "This feels way different than at home!"

Save Money

Split any lesson with siblings and family, or share the price for group lessons with friends!

Free Subscription Included

Augment your learning experience with your complimentary subscription for live-streams, office hours, piano academy, and thousands of archived video lessons!

More Learning Tools

Seamless integration of technology, apps, games and multimedia resources into every lesson!

Lower Prices

Less studio overhead has allowed us to maintain our lower rate.

We were first

Before the term "Live Stream" existed, back in 2013, we were the first ones on the internet to "broadcast" lessons across the "world wide web", so we know what we're doing, and how to make the most of this medium!

"He was the first teacher who understood...I just wanted to enjoy my keyboard. The lessons are enjoyable and enlightening."

"I am looking at my instrument in a whole new way. He took all the pieces I already knew and put them together so it all made sense."

"The lessons have taught my daughter so much. She is having lots of fun and really enjoys music now more than ever. It's been a great experience that we plan to continue long term. Thank you!"

What Sets Us Apart


Your Goals

Learn exactly what you want to play, the way you learn best. We're not stuck to any particular curriculum.

Your Pace

Music should be fun! So we'll match your intensity, from casual elementary dabbler, to aggressively gigging professional.

Custom Content

We write custom arrangements at your level and include play-along tracks with each song in your own shared online folder!

Flexible Lesson Use

Switch instruments, change topics, or even gift the lesson to friends or family!

Lesson Notes

After each lesson, we'll email your assignments, lesson notes, and related links.

Bonus Instruction

Get help between your lessons and request updated materials any time you're bored or confused!

Rescheduling Options

Reschedule any week with no penalty, even after a no-show!

Technology Training

We'll teach you how to use the most recent technology to improve your practice efficiency and develop your skills!

"My son had such a great experience learning from Jamin. It was such a great way for him to explore his love for music and video games and he had many questions for the instructor who replied to all of them with kindness and support."

"He has a lot of cool ways to explain things for piano. After every time I go for a lesson, I'm super happy and can't wait for the next lesson. I would recommend Learn Piano Live to anyone wanting to learn piano!"

"This is my third attempt at formal lessons for piano and Jamin has an uncommonly professional setup. Jamin keeps it positive and graciously shares alot or a little of his skillset when the appropriate opportunity presents itself. And he doesn't mind repeating himself, which helps alot too. Highly recommended."

5 More Advantages To Online Lessons


Increased Safety

Reduced risk of exposure to illnesses (e.g., colds, flu)!

Decreased Cost

No gas expense or travel time!

Increased Consistency

No missed lessons while contagious, on trips, or during bad weather!

Increased Flexibility

Online lessons accommodate varying schedules and time zones1

Increased Lesson Time

Click-in; click-out attendance avoids the setup and pack-up time when switching between students!

"My child can't wait for his lesson each week! Kids learn songs that they like and enjoy practicing. These music lessons are priceless - they are life lessons. I know my child will always think of Jamin as "the BEST teacher EVER!"."

"I just wrote my first song...and it's good!!"

"I've had a lot of fun learning from Jamin and I don't plan to quit any time soon!"


Weekly lessons are generally 25-30 minutes, billed by the calendar month ($149), which doesn't fluctuate from month to month, as fifth-week lessons and holidays even out to give every student 48 lessons per year.

Any student can reschedule at any time (even no-shows!) up to a week forward or back from their regular slot, as the cancellation list allows.  Any lesson missed by a teacher is always fully refunded.

picture of jamin coller

Jamin Coller


"After years of studying, performing, and teaching, I finally accepted the fact that most music teachers are willing to push reluctant students through irrelevant rudiments and boring lesson books in the fallacious name of "proper musicianship", rather than helping people engage with - and build a relationship with - the music they love.

True, there is an inexhaustible world of skills, techniques, and theory to explore, but let's not take ourselves too seriously!  We’re not curing the world’s diseases.  We’re just making cool noises at cool times, and bringing joy to our fellow humans through this weird art form of compressing packets of air.  

This isn’t magic! You can jump in and learn what you want. You CAN do at least some of it and you can’t mess it up.  The music is here and it wants to be your friend.

Music is just a foreign language, and as such, it can be as serious or as leisurely as you want.  You can dedicate your life to the language or just learn a few words - the music is here to serve us, not the other way around.

It’s insane how inaccessible most piano programs are, but I'm working to fix that with specialized programs for every learning style.  Jump in and explore.  I’ll help show you around...

Let's talk.  Let's learn.  Let's play!"