Crowdfunding Campaign Launches, Provides Free Youth Music Instruction

Crowdfunding Campaign Launches, Provides Free Youth Music Instruction


FAIR OAKS, Calif. – April 3, 2016 – The Young Musicians Association announced today that it has launched a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter to raise money in order to provide free music instruction to children in Northern California. The program also includes placement in a band, professional recording and concerts.



“Many young people lack access to a quality school music program that provides a recording experience, exciting concerts or even a decent band in many cases,” said spokesperson Jamin Coller. “This is the need we’re addressing. We want to provide what schools either can't or won't, and we want to do it for free.”

The free music program is available to anyone under 18 in northern California who can make a one-time trip to Sacramento for the recording and one-time trip for the concert. At other times, students can meet with instructors online through services such as Skype or Facetime. The Young Musicians Association expects to be open for signups, teaching, recording and practice year round. Concerts will be hosted every three months, each featuring up to 30 bands.

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Media Contact: Jamin Coller (916) 259-3639