Rattle The Stars – Original song by Kendra Dantes | LIVE Version

How to play "Rattle The Stars" on piano, originally by Kendra Dantes


Here are all the notes, chords, lyrics, lead sheets & chord charts you could want to play this awesome song just like Kendra...

This performance was for my piano recital at Milestones Music. This was a very special night for me, as I got to debut my original song on piano AND I got to perform on a stunningly beautiful grand piano!

I was inspired to write this song after reading the Throne of Glass Book series by one of my favorite authors, Sarah J Maas. I won’t say too much about that, because I want to be careful not to spoil the book for anyone who might want to read it. I highly recommend this awesome book series if you love young adult and teen fantasy books, like I do!

Click here for the chord chart lead sheet

Here's Kendra's performance:

Lyrics for this original song:

You can be the ice to my raging fire
They can call us traitors, cheats and liars
But freedom awaits in lands afar
I miss you when you go, when we’re apart

I was an ember, some ash
Now I’m a phoenix, a match
And my heart’s made of fire, of desire
I would rattle the stars
If only to be free, if only to be seen
I would rattle the stars, if only to be me
I would rattle the stars, rattle the stars
If I want to
I could rattle the stars, rattle the stars
If I try to

I was once a slave to my beating heart
All those who lost tried to tear us apart

We can be our own champions
We can be our own kings and queens
The power’s in our hands to make a final stand
We can be anything