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How to play "Photosynthesis" on piano, originally by Kendra Dantes


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I am 14 years old and I wrote this song, “Photosynthesis” for my 9th grade honors biology class assignment. I love school, but I am not so fond of homework, so when I was given the option of writing a song as part of my science project, I jumped at the opportunity!

I hope you enjoy this song and maybe even learn a little something about photosynthesis that you maybe didn’t know already!

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Here's Kendra's performance:

Lyrics for this original song:

Glucose is the sugar
Which can be converted into pyruvate
Adenosine triphosphate is released
ATP for short
In cellular respiration, ATP is used
Creating a cycle, it is true

Photosynthesis occurs in different plants
With organelles called chloroplasts, chloroplasts
They make the planats green with their pigments
The sun’s energy is captured so they can live, live
And sugar is created from CO2 and water
And then the plant can grow,
Its stem, roots and leaves are fed and fueled

The world has a balance
Between oxygen and CO2
Plants create the air we breathe
So the world goes ‘round for me and you

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