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Penguin In A Floaty

How to play "Penguin In A Floaty" (featuring Bradley Paul Clark) on piano


Here are all the notes, chords, lyrics and MIDI files you could want to play what might just be the cutest song you've ever heard...


Patrick Duffy

Today we were privileged to have Patrick Duffy with us. Here are some links to connect with Patrick...


I get asked a lot about what equipment I use in my studio, so here's the list, along with some extra suggestions:

Penguin In A Floaty Practice Track

Penguin In A Floaty Practice Track


Here's the karaoke track for what just might be the cutest little music video you've ever seen...


Levi Saelua and Colossus

Levi Saelua and Colossus
As promised, here's more from the great composer we interviewed...

Writing Songs With Just 4 Chords

The chords they use in this song are E, B, C#m, and A, but really…

Online Piano Lessons and Teachers: How To Tell If A Teacher Is Good

A good musician is not necessarily a good teacher! Even a great teacher is not the right fit for each student. Sadly, a large number of teachers will not refer a student elsewhere either because they don't know they're not a good fit, or they just want the money to keep coming in. Far too often, teachers see their students more as customers than as musicians. Here's what good teachers usually look like:

One Thing At A Time


Sadly, there is no way you can consciously process all that is required to play your instrument. It's impossible. Many students get frustrated with how slowly they feel they learn music. Especially adults! They think that it's because they're too old to learn.

Are Online Piano Lessons Really Better Than In Person Lessons?

No. Not any more than a screwdriver is better than a hammer. Each does a different job to create a similar product, but neither is a good substitute for the other.
Here’s what live online lessons for adults are great for:

*Beginning pianists – because the cost is SO much lower, students can take beginning piano lessons online and see if they like the instrument without sinking a ton of money into it.

You Don’t Suck! And Other Lessons About Keyboard Lessons for Kids and Adults

There are no “sucky” musicians.  Many times in my live piano lessons, my piano students will mess up and then say things like “I suck” or “I’m not very good at this” or other negative things about themselves.  And even though it takes valuable lesson time, I always have to interject: “You’re not good at this…yet.  But that’s why we’re here.”

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