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How Adult Piano Students Differ From Kids When Taking Lessons

The majority of piano instruction is based on child students. Many teachers don't even take adult students. Taking a look at it from the teachers' perspective, you start to understand why some teachers would take that approach...and learn how to be a more productive student. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of teaching adults:

Answers to Common Questions From Adult Piano Students

You're afraid you're not normal?  Well that's the most normal thing you've said!  You adults all have the same worries and insecurities.  So before you even ask, let me answer your questions once and for all...actually I'll probably still have to remind you, because these questions are persistent!  Here are your answers:

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Homesteaders 2

Shell Be Comin Round The Mountain

(Kids' Lesson) Join moderator Lizzie Tan and in-studio student Ephraim Jones as we watch extreme speed climber, feature our singing horses, and read mail from Megan in New Zealand.


Ive Been Working On The Railroad

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On Top Of Old Smokey

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Red River Valley

(Kids' Lesson) Join moderator Kendra Dantes and in-studio student Avery Parker as we watch August Sadler, feature our Joke of the Day, and read mail from Tree1.


Oh Susanna

(Kids' Lesson) Join moderator N8 the Gr8 and in-studio student Ephraim the Effervescent as we watch The Sleepy Man Banjo Brothers, feature our Which rhythm is it, and read mail from EliasThomas.



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