Music Lessons In A Box Payment Options


When your welcome box arrives, you might want to take just a second before tearing into it and fire up the ol' iPhone, since we will be awarding 5,000 bonus points (toward the weekly prize raffle...your student will care, trust me) to our favorite Instagram unboxing video/pictures including all 6 hashtags: #KidsLearnPianoLive #SubscriptionBox #MonthlyBox #SubscriptionBoxes #PianoLessons #Unboxing


We're still a baby company and really need your help to get the word out! You're obviously excited about this and we'd rather have your friends join us than just some random strangers from the universe. So even though there's a waiting list at the moment, if you use the referral form at the bottom of, we'll put your friends at the top of the waiting list and give you BOTH $10 back as soon as we can make a spot for them with our upcoming new hires and expansion.

Subscription Discounts

$34.95/month - Annual
$39.95/month - 6 Months
$44.95/month - 3 Months
Up to 2 siblings (additional activities and costumes) - +$5/month

Subscription Length
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