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  • Online video instruction - you can watch LIVE and ask questions, or watch and re-watch any video any time
  • Watch a new song each lesson in the LIVE lesson - or choose from hundreds of favorite songs and lessons in our archives
  • Video lessons for multiple levels - Jamin explains the concepts and songs at the beginner level, the advanced level, and several levels in between
  • All the printouts you'll need - your music and activities are all downloadable from the site, no separate books or materials to purchase
  • Personal interaction with an actual teacher - ask questions in the live chat or by direct message anytime, and get real responses to all your questions
  • Individualized feedback - submit videos and get specific, helpful feedback on your technique, form, and progress.
  • Perform what you've learned - students can post videos of their work and virtually perform in live recitals
  • Be part of a learning community - join in the live chat, social forums, and receive a new email challenges each month
  • Low price for the whole family - just one low monthly subscription gets the whole family, kids and parents, access to the lessons

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FREE SAMPLE ADULTS LESSON: Reharmonizing The Beatles' "Yesterday"

In this lesson we will be looking at: 1 - special scales and 2 - arpeggios and 3 - accompaniment for the song and 4 - chord substitutions so you can apply advanced skills to this and other pop and rock songs. Even picking up some of this lesson will help you in your other playing as well.



(Kids' Lesson) Find out if you won this week's raffle and watch as the Incomparable Kendra and Theatrical Athena guide us through The cast from Descendants 2 singing, Find the note, and read mail from MegaDude.