Florets by Grace VanderWaal – Vocal and Piano cover by Kendra Dantes

How to play "Florets" on piano, originally by Grace VanderWaal


Here are all the notes, chords, lead sheets, chord charts and MIDI files you could want to play this awesome song just like Kendra...

I am definitely a dedicated FanderWaal! I love listening to all of Grace’s music and I get so excited about learning her songs. I have played piano for about 5 years, but just started playing ukulele in the past few months. Of course, Grace inspired me to play the ukulele, along with my great friend Athena. (Athena and I did a duet of “I Don’t Know My Name” and she plays the ukulele while I play the piano. This was before I knew how to play anything on the uke.)

Florets is a beautiful song from Grace VanderWaal’s new album, Just the Beginning. This is the first song I covered from her new LP. This song always puts me in a great mood! I have been following Grace ever since the first time I saw her on AGT. She continues to inspire me everyday to believe in my dreams and to believe that “miracles can happen”. Thank you so much for supporting my music!!

Click here for the chord chart lead sheet

Here's Kendra's performance: