Welcome To Music Lessons In A Box!

Log in and you can check out the "Kids' Archives" section of "Live Lessons" or you can get started on Klopol Piano Academy if that's what you were looking forward to!   Your welcome box is packed full of goodies and tools to help you on your way.

Some of it is music related, and some of it is just fun stuff that Klopol threw in because he thought it was cool.  You don't have to use all the stuff in your box - just let us know what your favorites are and tag #KidsLearnPianoLive in an unboxing video or pic for a bonus 750 points! Enjoy!

Personalized Music Binder

It's already got a couple songs in it for you to learn, and if you need any help, you can watch the lesson by logging in and clicking on "Live Lessons" and then "Kids Lesson Archives"

Each month when we send your new music, we recommend you put it at the front of your binder in front of your "Past Songs" bookmark, but you can insert any favorites from the hundreds of songs in the archives too!

Sneak a peek on the back and you'll see a quick cheat sheet for the keys, notes, chords, and other stuff too!

Oh - and check to be sure we spelled your name correctly on your binder!


Klopol Cuddler

This has nothing to do with music.  Klopol just loves to snuggle and listen to music. 

It's fine to keep him on your bed, but he would also love to be there to watch you when you practice too! (Don't worry - he's used to hearing lots of mistakes!)

Membership Card

 ...and password reminder

...and practice guide

Now you're officially a part of the club! You have the card to prove it, and if you need help remembering how to practice well or how to log in to your account, just reach in your wallet and this card has it all!


Get Started With Your Goodies Here:


Coloring Contest!

We have an on-going coloring contest and regularly pick our favorite submissions for bonus points, so when you get your coloring page in the mail, just post a pic and tag #KidsLearnPianoLive to enter and win!

Click here to see some previous submissions


Super Secret Surprises

There's more in your welcome box, but it doesn't need any explanation when you get it and we don't want to give away all the secrets here, just in case you're peeking at this early.