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Universe – original lyrics and music by Kendra Dantes | Studio version

How to play "Universe" on piano, originally by Kendra Dantes


Here are all the notes, chords, lyrics, lead sheets, play-alongs, chord charts and MIDI files you could want to play this awesome song just like Kendra...

Adult Piano Lessons

Every Adult's First Piano Lesson

This same lesson plays itself out over and over as new adult students come in for their first lesson. They pay $60/hr for the lecture. Here it is for you, for free:

Real, Scary Stories of Piano Students and Reasons for Good Studio Policies

Sadly, these stories are all true.  For students who see me in person for one-on-one music lessons, these are the pages that follow the short explanation of the rules (full rules here).  I've included them here because so many parents have told me how much they enjoyed being appauled at what I've been through, and several non-students have asked to read them.  You can laugh.  I laugh.  Now. Before? I cried.  The stories are constantly being updated as humans find new variations of dumb and/or inconsiderate.  Most of my students - ALL of my current students - are a joy to work with.  These are the ones who didn't make the cut.  Enjoy:

How Adult Piano Students Differ From Kids When Taking Lessons

The majority of piano instruction is based on child students. Many teachers don't even take adult students. Taking a look at it from the teachers' perspective, you start to understand why some teachers would take that approach...and learn how to be a more productive student. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of teaching adults:

Answers to Common Questions From Adult Piano Students

You're afraid you're not normal?  Well that's the most normal thing you've said!  You adults all have the same worries and insecurities.  So before you even ask, let me answer your questions once and for all...actually I'll probably still have to remind you, because these questions are persistent!  Here are your answers:

Learn Piano Live - Piano for Beginners: Getting Started

Piano for Beginners: Getting Started

Welcome to Learn Piano Live, where your musical journey begins! If you're new to the piano and eager to explore the world of music, you're in the right place. In this guide, we'll cover the essentials of piano playing to help you get started on the right note.

Getting Acquainted with the Piano

Before we dive into the practical aspects, let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this timeless instrument. The piano is a versatile and expressive instrument that can be enjoyed by musicians of all ages and backgrounds.

Hand Positioning

Proper hand positioning is fundamental to piano playing. Sit comfortably at the piano bench with your back straight and feet flat on the ground. Place your hands on the keys with your fingers slightly curved, as if you're holding a small ball. Your thumb should rest on middle C, which is the white key to the left of the group of two black keys.

Remember to keep your wrists relaxed and your fingers hovering above the keys. This posture allows for fluid and precise movements while playing.

Basic Finger Exercises

Developing finger strength and dexterity is crucial for any pianist. Here are a few simple finger exercises to help you build the necessary skills:

  • Finger Tapping: Gently tap each finger on a table or a flat surface, starting with your thumb and moving to your pinky. Repeat this exercise to improve finger independence.
  • Finger Stretching: Spread your fingers as far apart as possible and then bring them back together. Repeat this motion several times to enhance finger flexibility.
  • Five-Finger Exercises: Practice playing each finger sequentially on the piano keys. Start with your thumb (1), then play the next finger (2), and so on until you reach your pinky (5). This exercise helps with finger coordination.

Consistent practice of these exercises will prepare your fingers for playing melodies and chords on the piano.

Exploring Your First Song

Learning a simple song can be an exciting way to apply your newfound knowledge. We recommend starting with a beginner-friendly piece that uses basic hand positions and limited notes. Our instructors at Learn Piano Live offer a wide range of beginner songs in our live lessons.

Remember, practice is key to progress. Take your time, break down the song into manageable sections, and practice regularly. Over time, you'll notice your skills improving, and you'll be ready to tackle more complex pieces.

Join Our Piano Community

At Learn Piano Live, we're dedicated to helping beginners like you embark on a rewarding musical journey. Join our live, interactive piano lessons and connect with our community of aspiring pianists. Our experienced instructors are here to guide you every step of the way.

Are you ready to start your piano adventure? Enroll today, and let's make beautiful music together!

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below, and don't forget to share this guide with fellow beginners who are passionate about learning the piano.

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Rattle The Stars – Original song by Kendra Dantes | LIVE Version

How to play "Rattle The Stars" on piano, originally by Kendra Dantes


Here are all the notes, chords, lyrics, lead sheets & chord charts you could want to play this awesome song just like Kendra...

Photosynthesis – original song by Kendra Dantes | Studio Version

How to play "Photosynthesis" on piano, originally by Kendra Dantes


Here are all the notes, chords, lyrics, lead sheets, play-alongs, chord charts and MIDI files you could want to play this awesome song just like Kendra...

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