60 Second Lesson 206 - Piano Man

60-Second Lesson 206

Piano Man

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Piano Man's iconic chord progression is basically just a major scale in the left hand (with a G at the end to help loop back around to the beginning). The right hand chords are just C, F, and G, with the exception of a single D major chord. You just have to play the chord that has a corresponding note in the left hand. So all the Right/Left combos in order are: C/C, G/B, F/A, C/G, F/F, C/E, D/D, G/G. The second half is only slightly different: C/C, G/B, F/A, C/G, F/F, G/G. The whole thing ends on a C chord



Video Transcription:

Not quite; nice try Watson: And now you're 60 second playlists and I did get through almost all of piano man all you have to do is fine by me and then your left hand gonna play that walk down. I played G. M. and start the whole thing over again. I'm going to be this time. P. M. C. background again after that seat to go from the. Not only that at and then am I mean that's a little thing the chords appear gonna be a sitar. And then we see. And then this right here can be tricky. And then did you get. So altogether it's. Good luck. Have fun now subscribe to keep up to date milestones to. Or click to visit the site and schedule your own private lessons either in person or anywhere in the world.