Serge Lysak

Serge Lysak joins us for a Q&A that you're sure to learn from and be inspired by! We'll be covering the topics of...

... the music industry, touring as a drummer with Lincoln Brewster, and much more!


Starting drumming at 13, Serge fell in love with percussion and eventually became a teacher and later owner of both Sacramento's Drum Lab locations. Former student of Mike Johnston, Serge has toured with many groups including Lincoln Brewster and Duplx. Serge's entrepreneurial pursuits range from podcasting to overseeing drumming education for hundreds to video to social media to cars. And he's got biking endorsements too. This kid does it all!


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What accomplishment are you most proud of? I think what I'm most proud of is where I have been ended up today as a musician, business owner, and aspiring entrepreneur. I feel like being happy with where you are now yet excited about where you are going is a very healthy and positive way of looking at life at all times no matter what mistakes or failures you might have.

What does your practice routine look like? Not enough as I would like but I try to find time when and where i can to practice. Sometimes its just practice pad stuff at home, sometimes I actually get time in the studio to geek out on the drums for a few hours. The biggest thing for me is not trying to worry about a schedule as much but more focusing on making sure I pick up sticks regularly and do some kind of activity. Also I feel like listening to new music is also very key to getting better, so I try to have a constant dose of new music in my ears. Sometimes its learning about past music that I haven't heard of sometimes its listening to the hottest new artist. I try to keep a good variety.

What motivated you to practice when you started out? Music has always been in my family so i think it was just a matter of time until I picked up some kind of musical instrument.

What's the best way to get an endorsement deal? The best way to get an endorsement deal is to play what gear you love, focus on building a killer career, and when the time is right and when you can offer something to that company or companies that you use you will know its the right time to contact them. The other thing is start by reaching out and NOT asking for an endorsement deal. Maybe just contact a company and ask them for some stickers to give to people at shows you do and tell them you just love the gear that you play and would like to help them promote. When you ask what you can do for them then then remember you and eventually they will give you some kind of a deal as your career grows.

What famous or semi-famous person would best fit your definition of success? Oh I honestly don't know the answer to that one but what I do try to do is follow the lives and success stories of leaders, champions, entrepreneurs, innovators, because the common DNA of these people are the same and they help me get inspired everyday to keep getting better at whatever it is i'm doing.